A Most Clever Disaster

by Our Fair City

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Released on Signal Recordings © 2010
Produced, Mixed, & Mastered by Brian Malvey
Artwork by Brian Anderson


released August 29, 2010


all rights reserved



Our Fair City Philadelphia

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Track Name: Ocean Of Ink & Quill
all the water we produce
trickles down into vaults made of ears
to be broken in by us
we're just so thirsty
Track Name: Keep Your Hands From Shaking
so i said it loud
and the antennas in your ears
picked it up
the radio station in your head
processed it all

then you said one louder
a catch of breath
cause what i had ran out on me

there was a note in my chest
that said
i'm not coming home

the room was full
but not with flesh and blood
it was enough to lift the house
and the things in the basement
finally knew what it was like to be outside

they were doctors
they were poets
(we were)
we were alive
we were, well we used to be
we used to be

they used to be mothers
and they used to be fathers
they used to be husbands and wives
but tonight they're just people
breathing in tones
Track Name: Man's Great Golden Lie
shake the quiet from your shoulders
cause i know you wanna talk

i got a shiner on my fingers
when you come to inspect
and a loose tooth slowly drifting
to the mark you left on my neck

and if i were on my death bed
would you be dying too?
days are passing and arriving
like words memorized

don't say love
it loses its lust
i tried to say i lost grip
where are you now?
Track Name: Every Little Sound
oh god, i'm an outlet
you're no poet but you still write

oh god, you can stand again
but you're sure as shit that you're not shitting anyone
so you lay down again

move their weight in gold to a higher plane
and perched, the eyes guarding the words
through teeth and tongue they travel

they use air but they don't fly
how does it feel to make it bleed?

you are the outlet
i am the poet
Track Name: Hot and Heavy
you were a body that couldn't take it
so you curl up to fill in the four corners of this bed

gonna hold it against you
cause your skin is warm

you stay on your side of the room and i'll stay on mine
make sure it's clear to me
god knows that could mean anything

i heard a whistle from your bed
that says i'm not asleep yet
come hell or high water
i'll tell a secret i should tell
Track Name: This Song Will Save Your Life
story on top of story the sun warms our bodies
flailing in the sand left behind to fill your lungs with water

you're lost in the current
but you're not the same
you're lost in the current
but you're not the same

don't move your mouth to speak
make it so you don't think
you won't want to or need to

close your eyes to communicate
let us know soon
speak morse code with electrical figures
and copper wire branches

lose your legs in your sleep
leave your body behind in time
Track Name: We've Got Clouds To See
we are both sinners and saints in the same body
it just depends on who you like more
it just depends on who's pinned to the floor

my legs are sturdy, your hands are dirty
my legs are sturdy, your hands are dirty

if you unwind yourself you can stand
a voice shouted, ripping the sky in half

this is what you get
when you mess with god, the devil
and everything between
Track Name: Beverly
you were thin like wine in glass
taking to the pool beneath you
you resembled stained glass in a church
but now you can't be spotted
'cause the lord and gravity have other plans for you

well maybe the strongest words belong in a letter
but you know my penmanship is sub-par
yeah i thought i had all the time in the world for this
yeah i thought i had all the time in the world for you
'cause i know you had all the time in the world for me

'cause the lord and gravity have other plans for you
Track Name: Wall Hangings & Chandeliers
were you listening when i asked for this to all pass?
if i say it any louder the answer won't get any clearer
the answer won't get any nearer

yeah it's slow like city streets and it hurt like wisdom teeth
would it be any different if i weren't here?

in a rundown room you were painting our insides
colors i didn't know you could see from here
and we all just disappeared

yeah it's slow like spring weather and a godspeed like sundials
yeah it's slow like city streets and it hurt like wisdom teeth

are you listening? (tell them we're busy)
are you there? (tell them we're tired and don't care)
are you listening? (tell them we're all so sorry)
are you there? (are you there?)

yeah it's slow like city streets and it hurt like wisdom teeth
Track Name: Holotype
the sun came traveling towards my house
we talked about this for years on end
the well started boiling until it ran dry
but the water was happier in the sky
you lay still until i came near
without stories to pass the time

what do your hands feel like
from sixty miles away?

sea giants knock at my door
i ask if they know this tune
they'll take it back with them to the shore
and you'll hear it in the night
like your favorite lullaby
it heavies your eyes
but i'm up for hours building card towers
just to knock them down

is it safe to say it's worse off this way?

i hope i'm in your stories
cause you're in all of mine

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